Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obamaphones And Other Strange Goings On

The first item comes via iOwnTheWorld.  By now, we've all probably heard about woman in Cleveland who thinks we should all vote to re-elect President Obama because he gives out free phones (conveniently ignoring the fact that the phones were paid for, not by the president, but by taxpayers and/or whomever we're borrowing money from these days).  However, she has been seriously outdone by a woman in Baltimore, who has collected no fewer than 30 "Obamaphones".

In a related development, the phones provided to poor people are making the world's richest man even richer.  As reported by Fox News, the phones are made by TracPhone, which makes $10 for each one.  Benefiting from this is Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, whose estimated net worth is $70 billion, and who owns a controlling stake in TracPhone.  This begs some questions for the left.  Don't you guys normally have a problem when the rich get richer?  And what was that about "spreading the wealth around", Mr. President?

Meanwhile in (and above) Cape Canaveral, Space Exploration Technologies launches one of their Falcon 9 rockets into orbit.  Only trouble is, they missed by a few hundred miles.  (From Reuters)

To close on a sad note, from The Inquistr, America has produced her last glass Coca-Cola bottle, at the Winona Bottling Company in Minnesota.  For now on, the popular beverage will come only in plastic bottles and metal cans.

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