Saturday, November 3, 2012

Music Break - It's A Zoo

Here are a few songs that both man and beast may enjoy.  To start off, the Kinks sing about living like an Apeman, with the help of a piano player who looks like he belongs in one of the Planet Of The Apes movies.

Here's Nazareth with the title song from their album Hair Of The Dog.  The lyrics, however, express the idea a bit differently.

The youngest of nine musical siblings, Janet Jackson wrote and recorded Black Cat, a heavy metal departure from her usual R&B.

Another song with a harder edge than is normal for a given artist is Crazy Horses by the Osmonds, said to be inspired by cars and the air pollution generated thereby.  Jay and Merrill (also on bass) share the lead vocals.  I would love to learn what type of keyboard Donny uses for "yiiiii" sound effect.

To finish with something very different, this is Henry Mancini's Baby Elephant Walk, from the movie Hatari!.  I first heard this one listening to my mother's favorite easy listening radio station.

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